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How an individual educational endeavor began to transform into a coalition of minds probing the possibility of uniting to serve the world of business for the betterment of humanity. Though stemming from wildly different starting points the shared vision merged into one, unified, enterprising endeavor: Gerent Professional Services (GPS).

Coming from diverse backgrounds, the founding members of GPS met in 2015 at Regent University to begin the Doctor of Strategic Leadership program. As the program concluded, one individual explored the potential of starting an organization through which people could share their gifts, experience, and expertise. In 2020, six individuals with a shared passion and vision committed to creating a business specifically designed to partner with globally-minded leaders to equip them with the tools needed to flourish in developing and implementing bold and well-considered strategies.

Gerent’s strength lies in its people. Our international team of men and women is multi-racial, culturally diverse, and celebrates and values diversity in all its forms. The members’ breadth of national and international experience and backgrounds contribute to their profound belief in corporate and individual citizenship that can make our communities better places for all. The academic accomplishments of our principals are combined with diverse real-world experience that will align globally oriented leaders with our collaboratively developed innovative strategic direction that is broad in scope, comprehensive in time, and welcoming of advantageous strategic change.

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Meet the founding members of Gerent Professional Services
Dr. Wendell Jones

Dr. Wendell Jones is a highly successful entrepreneur with both local and state recognition for services provided within his community.  He has a passion for church growth and leadership development. He has devoted significant work in developing a leadership manual for newly assigned pastors.

Dr. Mike Peters
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Michael Peters is a retired senior officer from the Royal Canadian Air Force with experience in P3 operations, test and evaluation, software support, information operations, and leadership studies.  He has focused on helping leaders identify and overcoming impediments to their leadership.

Dr. Delores Springs

Dr. Delores Springs has a significant breadth of experience spanning, healthcare, human services, and non-profit leadership.  She specializes in designing competence building strategies and solutions, with specific expertise in global health, diversity and inclusion. Her passion is to create proactive pathways to enhance operations, leadership, and organizational behavior.

Dr. Fitzgerald Reed
VP Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Fitzgerald Reed is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, leadership and business professor and pastor.  He has extensive experience in coaching, mentoring and organizational leadership development.  His accomplishments include the development of a manuscript in support of courageous Christian leadership.

Dr. Paul Thornton
VP Finance

Dr. Paul Thornton brings a remarkable set of skills and experiences to the team.  He is a highly experienced leadership coach and specializes in addressing Multi-Generational issues within the workplace as well as the design and delivery of unique leadership training for C-suite executives and organizations.  Additionally, he has expertise in IT services, hospital support and consulting services for non-profit organizations;

Dr. David Sather
VP Operations

Dr. David Sather comes from has a widespread background in non-profit leadership, global leadership development and craftsmanship.  He has also developed enviable skills in supporting production company design, start-ups, development and evaluations. More recently he has excelled in the area of strategic foresight, specifically in the areas of strategic leadership.

Located in United States
Our team is spread throughout the United States and operating out of Washington DC. We're doing remote and local collaboration.
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Gerent Professional Services
Located in United States
Our team is spread throughout the United States and operating out of Washington DC. We're doing remote and local collaboration.
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Copyright by 4DStory.Studio. All rights reserved.